The most fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories from the brands that manufacture 100% of their collections in Poland.  Get inspired and learn about new companies!


In the autumn-winter 2017/2018 season, the designers promote 1990s style women’s suits. Loose, masculine jackets, wide trousers, long shirts. Choose a cut for you that will give you confidence and express your independence.

#Elegant or extravagant

In recent seasons, white shirt has undergone a huge metamorphosis. The formal style evolves. In the summer, we saw white shirts undergoing a significant deconstruction.  In the autumn, what counts are subtle details.  In the offer of Polish brands, you will find e.g. ties on the sleeves, bows under the neck (fontange), ornaments on collars, pleating, Flamenco sleeves or surprising combinations such as elegant white sweater serving as a shirt combined with fur bottom.

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[fot. 1 – Feria]   [fot. 2 – Dorota Goldpoint] [fot. 3 – L’Ame de Femme]   [fot. 4 – mapepina] [fot. 5 – Feria]   [fot. 6 – POTIS & VERSO] [fot. 7 – SENSO]   [fot. 8 – Feria] [fot. 9 – POTIS & VERSO]   [fot. 10 – Feria]  

#Retro flowers

The brands encourage us to blossom for autumn and winter. Painting-like patterns, embroidery, combined with geometric shapes and floral motifs taken from vintage wallpaper and upholstery. Flowers bring some femininity to your business outfits.

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[fot. 1 – SENSO]   [fot. 2 – SENSO] [fot. 3 – Carl Verssen]   [fot. 4 – SENSO] [fot. 5 – SENSO]   [fot. 6 – Carl Verssen] [fot. 7 – SENSO]   [fot. 8 – SENSO] [fot. 9 – POTIS&VERSO]   [fot. 10 – Semper]   [fot. 11 – L’ame de Femme]   [fot. 12 – Semper]   [fot. 13 – L’ame de Femme]  [fot. 14 – SENSO]

#Polka dots and rings

The new version of the cult polka dot will be en vogue this autumn and winter. We like the new interpretation of the well-known pattern very much. The diversity of Polish brands is enormous. You will easily find something for yourself.

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[fot. 1 – SENSO]   [fot. 2 – POTIS&VERSO] [fot. 3 – SENSO]

#Cosmic designs

The designers, inspired by the night sky, create designs based on the starry motifs. The shine, symbols of stars and cosmic imprints will make you up to date with global trends.

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[fot. 1 – POTIS&VERSO]   [fot. 2 – Gioiello] [fot. 3 – Feria]   [fot. 4 – Gioiello] [fot. 5 – Semper]   [fot. 6 – Gioiello]


Red is the only energetic colour that breaks through the unsaturated palette of fashionable clothes’ colours. Red leather boots and leather jackets are extremely trendy.

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The colour of woollen and cotton sweaters and dresses that wrap up the body should be associated with the autumn weather.  It is worth shopping around for looser cuts. They will be better for you on cold eveningsJ.

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[fot. 1 – SUNWEAR]   [fot. 2 – MAPEPINA] [fot. 3 – SUNWEAR]   [fot. 4 – MAPEPINA] [fot. 5 – SUNWEAR]   [fot. 6 – SUNWEAR]

#Maxi check

Checked pattern – some love it, and some still cannot take to it. Check out what you look like in its new image – large size pattern in the shades of grey. A stylish proposal to work and for casual outfits.

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[fot. 1 – Dorota Goldpoint]   [fot. 2-3 – Feria]

#Edgy details

The snake motif has dominated the accessories and footwear presented on the world’s catwalks. You can wear it on more or less official meetings.

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[fot. 1 – 3 GIOIELLO]   [fot. 4-5 – BLU SHOES] [fot. 6-9 –  BOCA]

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