The Smart casual style has a number of followers. We mainly choose it for work, but it also works well in our free time. Smart casual clothing and footwear is offered in more comfortable designs than business code clothes. Colour is another aspect. Manufacturers focus on a wide range of colours and patterns, and in the case of women’s fashion, also styles. In the autumn-winter 2017 collection of KASTOR – a Polish brand for men – we will see, among other things, pink, red, and ultramarine colours. Accessories also play an important role there. In the KASTOR’s campaign appear e.g. polka dot braces, a braided belt, leather bracelets or funny socks that fit well in the atmosphere of relaxed elegance. The model has rolled up sleeves, visible tattoos, which make him perfectly fit the scheme of a modern businessman with his own style, passions and temperament.


When going for a “smart casual” styling, do not forget about some extravagant accessories!

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One of the hot trends for 2017 in women’s fashion are shirts. Playing with proportions, colours and typical accessories is welcome even in elegant styling. This year, the senso brand focused on romantic solutions: bows at the neck, flower prints and delicate fabrics. Minimalists should also find something for themselves. Geometric patterns and monochromatic colours perfectly fit the image of an entrepreneurial woman, and additionally they shape the figure.

When buying a new shirt, you should look for one with original cut or with an interesting imprint.