An item of clothing that we pay increasingly more attention to. I am talking to Anna Redzicka, a representative of the Polish STEVEN brand specializing in socks production for 22 years. Read on to know some surprising facts about socks!

– What to pay attention to when choosing socks?

  • The type of sport done requires appropriate clothing, and socks are its important element. A properly chosen model of socks means a much better comfort during physical activity. Above all, it is important for socks to protect feet against abrasions and chafes. Sports socks should be characterized by appropriate raw material composition and structure, as well as special technologies used in their production. The composition of sports socks depends on their purpose – in indoor sports, cotton socks will work best, while for outdoor ones the composition of breathable synthetic fibres that takes the moisture out is required. In the case of winter sports, the best solution are thermal socks. The design of socks is also very important – it is worth checking whether they have reinforced heels and toes, thanks to which they do not wear through so quickly, and whether the cuff is appropriate.

– What should be the composition of socks for the summer so that they are comfortable and airy?

  • Socks for the summer should definitely be comfortable and airy. This is guaranteed by the socks made of cotton. In our production, we use different thicknesses of yarn – e.g. short socks, which are perfect for the summer season, are made of thinner yarn, which makes them softer and more airy.

– What are the currently fashionable sock patterns?

  • We notice that socks nowadays are not just a necessary item of clothing, but more and more often they are a well thought-out outfit element. Customers look for interesting and original designs in different colour variations. We do our best to meet their expectations and increasingly often we introduce “non-obvious” designs into our production. Customers look for specialized socks – sports and pro-health ones.

– What are the most often bought socks made of – for summer and winter?

In summer, customers prefer to buy cotton socks and those made of bamboo fibre. In the colder seasons, we also offer thermal products and woollen classic and knee-length socks

– In your offer you also have sleeping socks. In recent years, what has the interest in this product been like?

  • Yes, it is true – we have had this product in our offer for several years now, and the customers’ interest in it is still great. They are warm and non-compressive, so they work well when you catch a cold or on cold winter evenings.

Write in the comments what you take into consideration when choosing your socks! I am very curious to know your answers