In just one month the Poland’s largest trade fair for the fashion industry will begin. Between February 27 and March 3, thousands of store owners from nearly 30 countries will visit Poznań Fashion Fair to order fashionable clothing for their clients. Manufacturers and distributors of about 500 companies and brands will present the trends for spring-summer 2017 and autumn-winter 2017/2018 at the MTP fairgrounds. The event is of a business nature, which means that it is aimed at entrepreneurs and designers who during the three Fair days will decide on what will be available on the shop hangers and shelves in the near future. As expected, we may anticipate a variety of natural materials, lace, transparency, tulle, but also a lot of carnival shine, reflected in satin and other shimmering materials. Low heels, preferably with decorative binding around the ankles, will prevail in shoe shops. However, when looking at the industry within a wider framework, we can say that the motto for 2017 will be contrast. Shirts associated with business code will be offered in extravagant cuts and with surprising appliqué designs. Both tiny handbags to contain only the bare minimum, and huge bags of unusual shapes will be fashionable this season. The classics will alternate with exoticism, daily fashion with extravagance, evening styling with sporty one. Without limits, without clearly specified boundaries. Designers, like never before, will encourage us to experiment.

At the Fair in Poznań you will have an opportunity to feel the spirit of international fashion. Clothes, footwear, handbags and accessories will arrive from 11 countries to win the hearts of new customers. For many niche brands, such events are a trampoline that allows them to stand out from the competition in the local and foreign markets. An example may be the brands associated in the Polish Fashion project, who jointly promote quality production under one emblem. Today, as part of the Polish Fashion project, joint fashion shows and business trips abroad are organized, and the project emblem appears in an increasing number of windows of stores that have decided to promote the idea of “choosing Polish products.”

The Fashion Fair is one of few opportunities to participate in free training in the field of marketing and sales, which is designed especially with the world of fashion in mind. And since the current promotional tools are changing just like the fashion industry itself, it is worth following the new tools which require adequate knowledge to be used properly in the communication with customers and in building shop or brand awareness.

The admission to the Fair is free of charge upon registration on-line or at the ticket offices. Details: